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Dinair airbrush makeup is an industry leader in airbrush makeup kits for home use and professionals. In fact, lots of Hollywood’s makeup artists trust Dinair to create incredible looks for screen, stage, the red carpet and beyond!



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Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kits


Dinair’s easy-to-use compressor features adjustable PSI, allowing for varying air pressure which is ideal for creating a number of different makeup effects. The Dinair airbrush makeup kits also come with an easy-to-use airbrush, along with an array of different makeup shades for creating the perfect look for a day at the office or a strut down the red carpet.

The Personal Basic kit comes with four shades of makeup, while the Personal Pro package comes with a total of eight colors. The Studio Beauty comes with a total twelve shades, so there’s one for virtually any skin tone. Each kit also comes with a bottle of black and white airbrush makeup to create additional special effects.


What’s more, it’s easy to learn how to use Dinair airbrush makeup. Easy-to-follow airbrush makeup tips videos are perfect for learning application tricks and even special effects, so you can make the most of your new kit!

Why Dinair Airbrush Makeup?

Why has Dinair airbrush makeup become so popular among women and professional Hollywood makeup artists alike?


Airbrushing is among the top celebrity makeup secrets. With the innovations in high definition television and film, standard makeup techniques no longer cut it; the flawless application that’s now required is only possible with an airbrush. Photographers also favor airbrushing, as a perfect, flawless skin  complexion cuts down on retouching and image editing expenses. So next time you’re envying your favorite celebrity’s perfect complexion, grab for an airbrush – the key behind the top makeup secrets for the stars!



Dinair airbrush makeup kits come with everything you need to create a vast array of beautiful looks. Contrary to popular belief, airbrushing isn't just great for applying a light, flawless foundation; it's also perfect for applying blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and a wide variety of special effects that can be achieved with stencils and special application techniques.

Hollywood Makeup Tips – Benefits of Airbrush Makeup


Airbrushing is the secret weapon for those who are seeking to discover the top makeup tips for the stars! When you opt to use an airbrush, you’ll enjoy a vast array of benefits.



dinair airbrush makeup kit

・  Pores are minimized in appearance and the skin takes on a silky smooth appearance. This is because the makeup isn’t “dragged” across the skin; it’s gently applied in a fine mist.



・  Airbrushed makeup feels weightless since you can achieve complete coverage with just a few drops of color.


 ・  One the airbrush makeup dries, it’s sweat-proof, water resistant and smudge-proof. Eye shadow won’t accumulate in your eyelid creases, nor will the foundation or blush slide off your skin over the course of the day.  In short, it will stay there until you remove it!


 ・  Want perfectly-blended gradients? Not a problem! Airbrushing makes it simple to create perfect blending.


・  Match your skin tone precisely by blending a couple of drops of airbrush makeup!


・  Airbrush makeup is suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily and beyond. And it won’t clog pores, so Hannah Valentine Fantasy Trendy Heart Airbrush Makeupyou’ll avoid breakouts.


・  There’s no need for makeup sponges and brushes. Plus, you don’t need to disinfect anything, so users enjoy savings in terms of time and money.


These are just a few of the many celebrity beauty secrets that can be achieved with an airbrush. Dinair airbrush makeup makes it possible to implement a variety of different makeup tips.

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